About Adam Jones

Hi my name is Adam Jones,

I studied civil engineering at Monash University and have a background in structural engineering. I love the buildings industry in general, hence I am curious to learn a little bit about everything. My other passions are in technology and sustainability, my curiosity and these passions led to the creation of the show.

I have built two online courses. Graduate Structural Engineer Design Tasks is built for Graduate Engineers in there first year to help the transition from university to work – this can be found at www.schoolofstructuralengineering.com . Embodied Energy Solutions was built for Sustainability Consultants who want to learn more about the potential solutions to reduce embodied energy of concrete buildings – this can be found at smartembodiedsolutions.com

Apart from the Future of Structures Podcast, I am the co-host of What You Will Learn Podcast. In this show we read a book a week and also interview the authors. Previous guests include Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly (founder of Wired Magazine), David Allen (productivity Guru) and Naomi Simson (Shark on Sharktank Aus / founder of Red Balloon) .

My hobbies outside of that above include surfing, reading and a little bit of meditation.

Feel free to leave me a line if you want to find out more 🙂