3D Printed Geopolymer Concrete

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Professor Jay Sanjayan is the Director of Swinburne’s Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Professor of Concrete Structures.

His current projects include 3D printing of concrete, low carbon concretes, geopolymer concretes, use of phase change materials in construction and monitoring the performance of geopolymer concrete in the field. In the interview we discuss:

– How 3D printing an robotics has the ability to disrupt the construction industry

– What are the best solutions to replacing Portland cement for more sustainable products

– Innovation that is on the horizon for construction


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  1. Hello sir
    I’m an architecture student, 4th year from mysore school of architecture mysore Karnataka India
    I have taken my thesis topic has net zero energy residential school
    So how does geopolymer concrete helps the building in reducing the carbon footprint

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