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2017 End of Year Review – What will have the biggest impact on the buildings industry?

The Future of Structures Podcast started in June 2017. The show has had the opportunity to speak to guests ranging from founders of new disruptive technology (Shane Scranton, founder/CEO IrisVR), world leading researchers (Jay Sanjayan, Geopolymer Cement/3D Printed Buildings at Swinburne) and leading industry CEO’s … Continue reading2017 End of Year Review – What will have the biggest impact on the buildings industry?

The Evolution of Architecture

Wolf D. Prix, born in 1942 in Vienna, is co-founder, Design Principal and CEO of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. Wolf D. Prix is counted among the originators of the deconstructivist architecture movement. COOP HIMMELB(L)AU had its international breakthrough with the invitation to the exhibition “Deconstructivist Architecture” at MoMA New York in 1988. … Continue readingThe Evolution of Architecture

3D Printed Geopolymer Concrete

Professor Jay Sanjayan is the Director of Swinburne’s Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Professor of Concrete Structures. His current projects include 3D printing of concrete, low carbon concretes, geopolymer concretes, use of phase change materials in construction and monitoring the performance of geopolymer concrete in … Continue reading3D Printed Geopolymer Concrete

Tall Timber Buildings

Listen on Spotify here: Listen on iTunes here: Russell is the founder and Principal of Acton Ostry Architects. They are recently most known for their work on Brock Commons, the Tallest Timber Building in the world. Timber is fast becoming a real competitor to traditional … Continue readingTall Timber Buildings

Geopolymer Cement

Could geopolymer cement take embodied emissions to zero? Jannie Van Deventer is the CEO and Founder of Zeobond and a world leading expert in geopolymer cement. For many people, concrete has been seen as a necessary and inevitable part of buildings emissions. The work Zeobond … Continue readingGeopolymer Cement